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  • 12-Year Old (Justice Pate) Saves 7-Year Old from Drowning

    Nov 29, 11 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *There has been a huge campaign to get African Americans swimming because the unfortunate truth was revealed a couple years ago that blacks and other minorities were not swimming. In fact, in 2009, 57 percent of the black and Latino community’s children did not know how to swim.  Also, blacks were 2.6 percent more likely to drown than whites […]

  • Rape A Growing Problem In Haiti Camps

    Feb 6, 10 by EurPublisher 6 Comments

    *In one of the great unmentioned effects of the earthquake in Haiti, women and young girls are suffering a rising number of rapes and sexual assaults, according to leading aid agencies. So widespread are the reports – and they include the rape of a girl of 12 by her rescuer after she was pulled out […]