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  • Jesse Jackson Arrested during Bain Capital Protest in Illinois

    Oct 25, 12 by EURpublisher02 1 Comment

    *The Rev. Jesse Jackson has been arrested in a group of protesting northern Illinois workers during an act of civil disobedience in Freeport, Ill. Michael Peery, a spokesman for Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, tells The Associated Press that Jackson was taken into custody Wednesday with about a dozen workers. He is expected to be released later […]

  • Rush Limbaugh: Batman Villain Bane is a Dig at Romney

    Jul 18, 12 by EURpublisher02 5 Comments

    *Rush Limbaugh has had a revelation. [SUBSCRIBE TO EURWEB’s RSS FEED] The Clear Channel radio personality said in Tuesday’s broadcast that the folks behind Warner Bros‘ “The Dark Knight Rises” are subconsciously trying to turn audiences away from Mitt Romney by naming the film’s villain “Bane,” as in Romney’s former employer: Bain Capital. The conservative […]

  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Mr. President, Focus on Your Record not Ripping Bain and Romney

    May 23, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a rock solid Democrat and a President Obama backer. But he inadvertently and almost certainly unintentionally raised a campaign problem for Obama. The problem is the danger to Obama of what many perceive as going negative in his campaign salvos at presumptive GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney. Booker initially criticized […]

  • White Shock Jocks: Scary, Fat, Black TSA Agents (Audio)

    Mar 6, 12 by The Watcher 3 Comments

    *Los Angeles talk radio station KFI 640 AM has an issue with black people.  It seems that the Whitney Houston “crack ho” comment from show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of the “John and Ken Show,” was the tip of the iceberg. Earlier we detailed how KFI morning show host Bill Handel told his listeners the Congressional Black Caucus, thanks […]

  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Romney’s Case for Bain

    Jan 13, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *GOP presidential contenders Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, GOP strategist Karl Rove, and a few other GOP stalwarts loudly claim that the Bain issue is a potential presidential game loser for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The story has been well-worked over. Romney supposedly cut, slashed and burned a rash of private companies during […]