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  • Ask Tamara: Pastor is Ruining My Marriage!

    Nov 4, 13 by tallen 11 Comments

    Dear Tamara: My wife’s pastor is ruining our marriage. My wife spends more time at the church then she does at home. And to make matters worse, her pastor is interfering with our personal life and making suggestions to my wife that affect our entire household. First her pastor convinced her to quit her job […]

  • PayPal Makes Pennsylvania Man A Quadrillionaire …for Two Minutes

    Jul 18, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *We’ve heard of various banking errors that have resulted in either the greatest deposits of all time or some of the worst deficits of all time, but one e-commerce company beats them all. Chris Reynolds was the richest man in the world on Saturday for an entire two minutes. Reynolds checked his PayPal balance, and […]

  • UPDATE: Howard University Responds to Leaked Letter with ‘Balanced’ Budgets Info

    Jun 17, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The Howard University debacle that we reported Monday, with a letter from Renee Higginbotham-Brooks, vice chairwoman of Howard’s board of trustees, saying that “Howard will not be here in three years if we don’t make some crucial decisions now.” The letter sparked so much controversy throughout the Howard University community that the chair of the university’s governing […]

  • The Socialist’s Journal: The Need For Balance

    Apr 12, 11 by Trevor Brookins Leave a comment

    *Too often people think of nation building as an either or proposition. Societies either attempt to be strong economically or strong socially. Being strong on social issues implies a country would rather get an issue correct than get it incorrect and profit. When a country focuses too much on their social issues they become a […]

  • Man Finds BILLIONS…in His Bank Account!

    Apr 4, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Sun Trust Bank is the bank to join!  They are giving out billions over there.  Well, not really, but it sounds so nice doesn’t it?  A bank giving you some money for a change…yeah! However, the concessionaire, Paul Fischer, can at least say he was a billionaire once.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Fischer […]