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  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson: GOP Smears Hillary with Obama

    Dec 4, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *GOP strategists have gleefully played up President Obama’s plunged poll ratings as if they were Hillary Clinton’s. The metamorphosis of Clinton into Obama is amazing to see. First endlessly cite the mid-terms elections not as a rebuff of Obama’s performance and popularity but of Clinton’s. Next tirelessly cite polls and surveys that variously show that […]

  • Hypocrite! GOP Obama Girls Hater Elizabeth Lauten Was Arrested As A Teen

    Dec 3, 14 by Qwest7 10 Comments

    *Elizabeth Lauten’s criticism of Sasha and Malia Obama for lack of “class” has opened the door to skeletons in the now former Republican congressional aide’s past; she found herself on the wrong side of the law during her own teen years. The Smoking Gun cited court records which revealed that Lauten was arrested for misdemeanor […]

  • Ferguson Prompts White House Response with Body Cams and Military Gear Overhaul

    Dec 2, 14 by Qwest7 3 Comments

    *More changes are in store for law enforcement as the White House announces an increase in body camera use and an overhaul involving military equipment. A news release from the White House outlines several reforms that have been proposed. “Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and around the country have highlighted the importance of strong, collaborative […]

  • Michael Brown’s Mother Encourages Peace Among Protestors

    Nov 24, 14 by Qwest7 Leave a comment

    *As the world waits to see if Darren Wilson will be indicted by a grand jury for the killing of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen’s mother is urging protestors to remain peaceful. Speaking to a gathering along Canfield Drive, just feet from where her son was killed, Lesley McSpadden encouraged peace as she told the […]

  • Donna Richardson Joyner Shows Off Hot Bikini Body for Her 52nd B-day

    Nov 16, 14 by Deron Dalton Leave a comment

    *Donna Richardson Joyner is one of the most notable fitness gurus — having served on President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. She rose to fitness fame 20-plus years ago in the “Buns of Steel” video franchise. Nowadays, she posing in her birthday suit aka her […]

  • Obama Gets China to Agree to Historic Climate Change Deal

    Nov 13, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(Via Newsy) – The United States and China have struck a historic agreement to cut greenhouse gasses over the next two decades. President Obama and President Xi Jinping ironed out the new deal Wednesday at the tail end of the trade summit in Beijing. As part of the agreement, the U.S. says by 2025, it will trim a little over […]