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  • Cuba Gooding … NO Bartender won’t Pursue Criminal Charges

    Aug 2, 12 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *Oh there he goes again, causing a ruckus at a local New Orleans bar. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was caught in a drunken rage again on Tuesday morning, telling the bartender that “New Orleans disowns you” as she pushed him out. Photos show the actor having a yelling match with a brunette lady bartender outside of […]

  • Recipe for Disaster: Bars in Four States Now Allow Guns

    Jan 11, 11 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The gun advocates across America are jumping for joy to see four states (Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia) get a chance to carry their guns into bars. It’s hard to believe that whoever made this ruling has an education and they don’t see the problem with mixing bullets and alcohol. The law is surprisingly tailored to bars; one […]