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  • Ben Affleck on Slave-Owner Ancestor: ‘I Was Embarrassed’

    Apr 22, 15 by EURPublisher01 3 Comments

    *Ben Affleck is finally addressing his request that producers of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots” leave out the part about his ancestors owning slaves. “I didn’t want any television show about my family to include a guy who owned slaves. I was embarrassed,” Affleck posted Tuesday via Facebook. “The very thought left a bad taste […]

  • Ben Affleck Wasn’t The Only Slave Owner Descendant to Irk Henry Louis Gates

    Apr 20, 15 by Cherie Saunders 4 Comments

    *Last summer, Dr. Henry Louis Gates told the Television Critics Association about Ben Affleck’s 3rd great grandfather Almon Bruce French while promoting his series “Finding Your Roots 2,” which would premiere several months later. Little did we know that French, a popular 19th century spiritualist,  may not have ever been discovered by show researchers had another discovery been allowed […]

  • Henry Louis Gates: Ben Affleck’s Slave Owner Ancestor Axed from DNA Search

    Apr 20, 15 by Qwest7 3 Comments

    *A 2014 “Finding Your Roots,” episode about Ben Affleck’s ancestors apparently left out a key detail that has now come to light. Messages uncovered from emails linked to the Sony Pictures email hacking scandal from November reveal the Oscar winner asked the show’s host Henry Louis Gates Jr. to edit out the fact that one […]

  • J. Lo Started Seeing Marc Anthony 3 Days after Ben Affleck Breakup

    Nov 6, 14 by EURPublisher01 6 Comments

    *In less than a week, Jennifer Lopez had broken up with Ben Affleck and began dating her longtime friend (and eventual husband) Marc Anthony. The 45-year-old singer spills all the tea about her love life in her new book, “True Love.” Her engagement to Affleck, then 31, ended three days before they were supposed to […]

  • Khandi Alexander Learns of Family Tragedy on ‘Finding Your Roots’ (Watch)

    Oct 13, 14 by Cherie Saunders 9 Comments

    *This week’s episode of “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.” will feature Ben Affleck finding out that his mom was a Freedom Rider, NAACP president Benjamin Jealous learning that his free great-grandfather had to purchase his own wife and family for their safety, and “Scandal” actress Khandi Alexander receiving a “book of life” […]

  • Tyler Perry Blown Away by ‘Gone Girl’

    Oct 3, 14 by Marie Moore 1 Comment

    The 52nd New York Film Festival opening film and world premiere of “Gone Girl” was followed by a press conference. Spirits were high and all who attended were elated by the film’s enthusiastic reception. One of the biggest buzzes about this engaging mind twister of a movie is that of Tyler Perry as defense attorney […]