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  • Cyber Monday Deals and Tips

    Dec 1, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 3 Comments

    *If you missed out on the great door busters and deals of Black Friday, worry yourself not. Cyber Monday is quickly approaching, putting those Black Friday, fanatic 5 a.m. shoppers to shame. Why shop out in the cold, sacrifice the ‘itis’ hangover and sleep for a worried rush of other greedy shoppers and angry parents. […]

  • ‘Don’t Shoot!’ – Tips for Black Folks Who Shop on Black Friday (Watch)

    Nov 28, 13 by Brainuser1 Leave a comment

    *Attention Black folk! Want some tips on how to do what everyone else will do on Black Friday, but not get profiled while doing it? Listen up. Proving that when all else fails just laugh, the video below shows “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams sharing a few ideas on how people of color can shop […]

  • ‘Gold Jay Z’ Fragrance to Launch on Black Friday

    Nov 1, 13 by EURpublisher02 4 Comments

    *Jay Z has announced what’s billed as his first men’s fragrance, “Gold Jay Z,” which will be on the shelves at major department stores beginning on Black Friday (November 29). According to reports, the rapper and entrepreneur reportedly rejected 3,200 names before settling on one that was just right. He picked up one of the […]

  • Lil’ Kim Back with New Single ‘Looks Like Money’ (Listen)

    Jul 11, 13 by EURpublisher02 13 Comments

    *Lil’ Kim has just released the solo single she was scheduled to drop two years ago. This morning, the 39-year-old birthday girl dropped a new song called “Looks Like Money,” announcing the track via Twitter. “Here’s just a LITTLE gift from ME to U on MY birthday that U guys have been waiting for,” she […]

  • Shopper Goes Berzerk in Black Friday Line: ‘I’ll Stab One of You!’ (Video)

    Nov 27, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Some people don’t mind being herded like cattle and braving the Black Friday lines, so long as they get the best deal on that unforgettable, priceless item, they simply must have. But do they mind getting stabbed in a Black THURSDAY line for that priceless item? One man was caught in one of those lines […]

  • Sales Records Posted on ‘Black Friday’

    Nov 27, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Man, it looks like this “Black Friday” sales thing has really caught on with consumers. Apparently drawn  by aggressive discounts and earlier-than-ever opening hours, shoppers opened their wallets on weekend in record numbers and handed retailers a promising start to the holiday season. Merchants raked in an estimated $59.1 billion in sales from Thanksgiving Day […]