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  • Dr. Boyce: No One Should Be Telling Black People How to Vote

    Sep 25, 12 by bowatkin 3 Comments

    *Roland Martin recently wrote about the Associated Press and its proclamation that there are several prominent black pastors telling their congregations not to vote.  According to Martin, the story was an overblown and misguided assertion that ultimately misled the public into believing that the men and women running black churches across America are hungry to […]

  • Is Black Advocacy Automatically Anti-Obama? Cornel West and Eddie Glaude Speak Up

    Sep 14, 12 by bowatkin 5 Comments

    Recently, Dr. Cornel West and his academic homeboy, Eddie Glaude, spoke up about black suffering that has occurred during the presidency of Barack Obama. Glaude and West feel that the Obama Administration has leveraged its strong support from the black community as an opportunity to engage in serious political neglect. “As folks rally to support […]

  • Dr. Boyce: 5 Songs the President Should be Singing with the Black Community

    Jan 21, 12 by bowatkin 4 Comments

    *Like the rest of America, I found myself impressed by President Obama’s rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay together,” last week. The man is extremely talented in nearly every capacity, and now we can add singing to his list of capabilities. One thing about the Obamas is that they are likely the singing-est, dancing-est president […]