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  • Professor Compares Blacks to Asians: ‘Asians Didn’t Feel Sorry for Themselves’

    May 19, 15 by EURPublisher01 2 Comments

    *A white Duke University professor criticized for an online post comparing blacks and Asians said Monday that pointing out his view of how the groups have performed in the U.S. over the past decades does not make him a racist. Political science professor Jerry Hough has been dragged for a response he posted in the […]

  • Things Are Looking Up for Blacks, Hispanics, but Still Trail Whites

    Mar 20, 15 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(Via BlackPressUSA) – Despite high-profile concern over issues underscored by the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, African Americans and Hispanics are faring well in certain areas, including better health care and reductions in violent crime, the latest State of Black America report from the National Urban League says. The National Urban League derives its numbers […]

  • @Jasmyne Cannick: Putting White’s Support of Black Lives Matter to the Test

    Dec 11, 14 by Jasmyne A. Cannick 2 Comments

    *Just because you attend a rally or protest and lend your voice to chorus of those chanting that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that you really mean it or that you are using your white privilege for good. Similarly, just because you’re a registered Democrat and you gave money to the President’s campaign doesn’t mean […]

  • NYFD Commissioner Apologizes for Son’s Racist Tweets

    Mar 21, 13 by EURpublisher02 9 Comments

    *An aspiring New York firefighter is resigning from the city’s fire department, where he was working as an EMT, because of his racially inflammatory tweets, reports The Root. The tweeter, by the way, just so happens to be the son of the city’s fire commissioner, Salvatore Cassano. Joe Cassano’s targets included Jews, blacks and “Obama […]

  • Blacks Use Instagram, Twitter More Than Whites (Study)

    Mar 6, 13 by EURpublisher02 2 Comments

    *The Pew Research Center just released a report that breaks down the use of social media among race, gender and geographic location. While 67 percent of the online population overall uses Facebook, the demographic portrait of the smaller services varies greatly, according to the survey that shows its first comparisons of usage by whites, blacks […]

  • Patricia Carroll – Black CNN Camerawoman – Speaks on GOP ‘Peanut’ Incident

    Aug 31, 12 by Brainuser1 7 Comments

    *As we reported, some attendees at the Republican National Convention found it hard to contain their true feelings and pelted an African American camerawoman from CNN with peanuts while snickering, “This is how we feed the animals.” “I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised at all,” CNN camerawoman, Patricia Carroll, told Journal-isms. “This […]