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  • Cash Money Content Launches #IRead #WeRead,

    Oct 2, 14 by Media Savvy PR via EURweb Leave a comment

    *September is National Literary Month and in celebration Cash Money Content (CMC), the literary division of the Cash Money Records, has launched a community reading encouragement campaign designed to challenge the African American community to develop a habit of reading. “Reading is an important step in the right direction toward making a difference in our […]

  • Bill O’Reilly Rips Al Sharpton over Cash Money Book Deal (Watch)

    Jul 26, 13 by EURpublisher02 Leave a comment

    *Bill O’Reilly went in on Al Sharpton Thursday night for inking a deal with a company the Fox News host said distributed “entertainment that is harmful to children.” O’Reilly and the MSNBC host have been attacking one another throughout the week, reports the Huffington Post. Sharpton railed against O’Reilly for comments the Fox News host […]

  • Daughter of Iceberg Slim Talks His Work and Coping with his Legacy

    Jan 2, 13 by EurWebWriter 25 Comments

    *The word legendary is often confused with the word infamous, but in the case of the late author and former pimp Iceberg Slim whether he is the former or the later is one for the scholars to debate. His legacy is interwoven in the tapestry of modern street-lore and hip-hop unlike any other single single […]

  • CMC Author K’wan Interviewed by Ricardo A. Hazell (Video)

    Oct 19, 12 by EurWebWriter Leave a comment

    *When Baby Williams announced the then eminent launch of Cash Money Content there were more than a few industry eggheads that scoffed at the very idea of the man behind the careers of Juvenile, Drake and Lil’ Wayne having any success in the publishing industry. After all, these very same eggheads have the traditional publishing industry on […]

  • Ashley and JaQuavis Talk New Novel (Murderville 2), Life & Love: Video

    Aug 31, 12 by EurWebWriter Leave a comment

    *Fans of urban novels have long been aware of Ashley and JaQuavis Coleman. The husband and wife duo has written over 17 novels before age 25.  When we say bestselling, we certainly mean it. “The Cartel” was the first trilogy from the talented team and was a New York Times bestselling series. “The Cartel 2″ […]

  • Cash Money Content Re-releases Iceberg Slim’s ‘Long White Con’

    Jan 7, 12 by jeveal1 Leave a comment

    *New York, NY – – Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, announces the re-release of Long White Con from legendary author and notorious pimp and hustler, Iceberg Slim. Considered the originator of Urban Street Literature, Iceberg Slim’s novels, Pimp: The Story of My Life (first released […]