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  • Thursday Snaps: Karrine Steffans Gets Neck Tattoo

    Jan 10, 13 by thejasminebrand 1 Comment

    *If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Karrine Steffans loves her some Lil Wayne. The controversial video girl, turned author, recently showed off her new tattoo. It’s located at the back of her neck, with simple numbers, ’56’ inked in. So what exactly does it mean? While Karrine kept the meaning vague […]

  • [Photos] Is Chris Brown’s New Stomach Tattoo Inspired by Rihanna?

    Sep 12, 12 by thejasminebrand 4 Comments

    * After yesterday’s tattoo speculation that Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo was of Rihanna’s face, new ink continues the buzz. Over the weekend, Rihanna shared photos of her new abdomen art noting that it was honor of her late grandmother. Fast forward to the present day and Chris Brown too, has gotten a new stomach […]

  • Rihanna Gets New Stomach Tattoo (Photos)

    Sep 10, 12 by thejasminebrand Leave a comment

    * If there’s one thing that rockstar Rihanna loves, it’s tattoos. Over the weekend, we caught the 24-year-old singer covering another tat–this time on her abdomen. Leaving a London tattoo spot, she rocked a cutoff ‘HEART’ sweatshirt which revealed bandages. Visit theJasmineBrand.com to view more photos and read why Rihanna dedicated her latest photo to her […]