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  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: The Not-So Invisible Man

    Dec 3, 12 by riversteff Leave a comment

    *Thirty-five years ago when I grew up in east Tennessee the only people I saw with tattoos were members of a motorcycle gang. I had to go to school on the other side of town to see white people, because only black people went to my church and lived in my neighborhood. When my teacher, […]

  • Columbia University Prof. Hosts Great Debate on Gun Control in the ‘Hood (Video)

    Aug 1, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The debate over gun control has been controversial and confusing. The black community has one of the highest gun homicide rates in the country. In a report compiled by the Children’s Defense Fund, the statistics show that for 2006-2007, the largest metropolitan areas suffered the most from gun-related homicides. The report states that 67 percent […]

  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: A Change is Gonna Come

    Jun 29, 12 by monica1810 Leave a comment

    As I watched Ann Curry’s tearful goodbye on The Today Show, and after having a heartfelt moment of compassion for her, I thought to myself, that’s exactly what comfort looks like. I don’t say that to be insensitive, but rather to address a truth about change, which is the one constant thing in this life. […]

  • Southern Baptists on the Verge of Getting Black Leader

    Jun 14, 12 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *Four months ago, two African-American pastors stood in a hallway of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Nashville headquarters looking at a row of white faces, says MSNBC. The portraits of the 56 convention presidents since the denomination’s 1845 founding are in large picture frames holding several portraits each. The final frame holds empty slots. “They got a space for […]

  • Looking Back on How Gospel Music Has Changed

    Jun 21, 11 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *The Christian Post reports that the evolution of Gospel music was evident at the 2011 McDonald’s Gospelfest event Saturday where performances during the night’s talent competition transcended ethnic, geographic and artistic boundaries traditionally associated with the genre. In its 28th year, the event is known as the biggest Gospel celebration in the New York Tri-State […]

  • Internet Authority Announces Freedom of Domain Names…for a Price!

    Jun 21, 11 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The Internet is getting ready to get a lot more interesting. A lot of businesses and organizations will be getting more creative with the names they use to mark their spot on the information superhighway.  The next time you look for your favorite restaurant or hot spot it may be called, www.gitcheegitcheeyayamana.food or www.shakeitdowntothefloor.dance. The names […]