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  • Keeping Christ in Christmas

    Dec 23, 11 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *Children and retailers love it. Parents spend months paying for it! Still, when it’s all said and done — and paid for! — Christmas means family, friends, gifts, and lasting memories, says BCNN1.com. Ever wonder what Christmas means to God? After all, it began as the celebration of His Son’s birth. The Christ Child is […]

  • The Socialist’s Journal: The Religious Imperative for Socialism

    Nov 29, 11 by Trevor Brookins Leave a comment

    *Although I do attend church each weekend and have studied the Bible, I do not consider myself an authority on theology. So I apologize in advance if I have some of the reference stories and/or context wrong. That being said, I invite all economic conservatives who call themselves Christian to explain to me how I […]