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  • Berry Gordy’s Chrysler Ad Plugs Motown Musical (Watch)

    Feb 12, 13 by EURpublisher02 2 Comments

    *In a Chrysler ad that will soon hit the airwaves (and is posted now on YouTube), Berry Gordy – the founder of the Motown record label and the book writer of its upcoming Broadway musical – takes a drive through Detroit in the automaker’s new Motown 300 model, pre-loaded with classic Motown tunes. Gordy’s destination […]

  • ETNT’s Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials (Watch ‘Em!)

    Feb 4, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The Super Bowl was a total win for us Baltimore Ravens fans! It was nice seeing what the media called “the underdogs” pull it off. But, in addition to the wins on the field, the nation’s companies come out with their best commercials that give us a complete night of entertainment. In case you didn’t […]

  • Major Networks Sue Dish Network for Allowing Customers to Skip Ads

    May 25, 12 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *How annoying is it when you get to the good part of your movie or soap opera and BAM! It’s time for a commercial. Some of you have hollered out loud at your televisions. Don’t worry! We don’t judge. But did you know that there’s a service out there now that will help you avoid […]

  • J-Hud Duets with Larger Self in New Weight Watchers Ad

    Dec 28, 11 by EURpublisher02 2 Comments

    *Newly-slim Jennifer Hudson shows off her dramatic weight loss by belting a duet with her larger self in her latest Weight Watchers commercial. The singer, a spokeswoman for the brand, has lost 80 pounds in recent months and appears side-by-side, thanks to special effects, with footage of herself back in 2004 singing Whitney Houston’s “I […]

  • Video: Isaiah Mustafa Plugs New Old Spice Ads

    Jan 26, 11 by EURPublisher01 5 Comments

    *Shirtless Isaiah Mustafa and his trusty towel are back in a new slate of Old Spice commercials set to debut during the Super Bowl. Old Spice has been posting short Mustafa video responses to fans on YouTube for the past several months, but come Feb. 7, the actor promises a series of new ads whose […]

  • Who Is the Pine-Sol Lady?

    Apr 28, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The Pine-Sol lady has one of the most familiar faces that we do not know.  In other words, who is she?  Diane Amos is a film and television star that you may notice from cameo type roles in movies like: Nine Months, Patch Adams, and Legally Blonde to name a few. But now, she’s the […]