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  • The Second Annual Skoole Awards Set for August 4, 2012

    Jul 31, 12 by Larry Buford Leave a comment

     *The second annual 2012 Skoole Awards will be presented on August 4, 2012, at the Marriott Hotel, Marina Del Rey, California – it was announced today by awards founder and entrepreneur Cornelius Grant. Honorees for this year’s annual celebration of the achievements of Old School contributors to the music and entertainment worlds will include Regina […]

  • Cornelius Grant: The Unsung Temptation Hands out First Skoole Awards

    Feb 15, 11 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Motown’s original Temptations had five members, but musician Cornelius Grant became commonly referred to as the “sixth Temptation” – much like music historians refer to Billy Preston as the “fifth Beatle” – for his contribution as bandleader and songwriter. Born in Fairfield Texas, Grant – a musical prodigy – was transplanted in Detroit at age […]

  • Temptations Alum Cornelius Grant to ‘Skoole’ the Masses

    Jan 21, 11 by EurPublisher 7 Comments

    *The sad part about being a star, other than occasionally dying at a disproportionately younger age than the rest of the population, is people simply forget.   Your fans move on and their children simply are not that in to you.  Never mind that fact that you’re a pioneer. Forget about the fact that a […]