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  • WATCH: LAPD Destroys Home of Elderly Couple with Battering Ram

    Aug 27, 14 by EurNews 1 Comment

    Warren Johnson, 81, of South Los Angeles was forced to return home early from vacation with his wife after he was told that the Los Angeles Police Department had raided his home. Upon arriving from LAX airport on Friday, August 22, he was devastated to learn that the LAPD had (1) arrested his 18-year-old grandson […]

  • Retired LAPD Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey: The Stress on Officers isn’t the Public, it’s the Department

    Feb 15, 13 by jasmynecannick 8 Comments

    *Cheryl Dorsey, 54, retired from the Los Angeles Police Department on August 26, 2000, exactly one day after her 20th anniversary with the department. When asked about Christopher Dorner, she says, “I am not surprised that it happened.  I am surprised it took this long and I’m convinced that it will happen again if the […]

  • The Hutchinson Report: The Two Sides of Daryl Gates That I Saw

    Apr 17, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The on set camera crew and sound technicians had long since departed from the sound stage at KCBS and the lights had dimmed but we sat there for what seemed like endless hours afterwards engaging in bare knuckles, heated debate.   My at one moment fierce opponent and at another moment jovial associate was former […]

  • Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates Dies at 83

    Apr 16, 10 by EurPublisher 11 Comments

    *Daryl Gates, the reigning chief of the Los Angeles police department when Rodney King was beaten, died at his home in Dana Point, California after suffering from bladder cancer. He was 83. Gates was thrust into the international spotlight in 1992 after several of his officers were secretly videotaped beating unarmed motorist Rodney King following […]