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  • Faith Evans Opens Up about Tupac’s Infamous Sexual Advance (Watch)

    Jan 2, 15 by Deron Dalton 14 Comments

    *Faith Evans detailed an encounter she had with Tupac Shakur in her 2008 autobiography, “Keep The Faith: A Memoir,” and it turned some heads. Evans recorded “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch” with the late rap icon. And afterwards, she stopped by his hotel room to collect her payment of $25,000. And that’s when he made a […]

  • Suge Knight Arrested Again in Los Angeles

    Sep 11, 13 by EURpublisher02 4 Comments

    *Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor traffic violation and an outstanding warrant, police said. The arrest occurred about 12:30 a.m., and the rap mogul was taken to the Los Angeles County Jail, where he was held on $20,000 bail, said Officer Cleon Joseph, who did not have details about […]

  • Texas Executes 500th Inmate Kimberly McCarthy

    Jun 27, 13 by EurPublisher 3 Comments

    *Texas is known for having a no nonsense approach to their inmates on death row. They ensure that those convicted and placed on death row are indeed dealt their punishment without a lengthy ride on death row. Kimberly McCarthy, 52, was executed by a lethal injection of pentobarbital, Wednesday, June 26, and pronounced dead at […]

  • Murderer On Death Row May Get Off Because He’s Black? (Video)

    Mar 22, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *If someone killed a family member of yours in front of their child would you think death row is the appropriate sentence for them? Now what if you found out they were being sent to death row because the murderer was black? The verdict might seem like a scenario of six in one hand and […]

  • Woman Receives Reprieve Hours Before Death Chamber

    Jan 31, 13 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *There have been a few people convicted of crimes that have garnered nationwide support to either release them from jail or have them removed from death row… not this time. In 1997, Kimberly McCarthy, 51, was accused of killing her neighbor Dorothy Booth, a 71-year-old retired college psychology professor in Lancaster, Texas, approximately 15 miles […]

  • Death Penalty Case Dropped Against Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Dec 7, 11 by EURpublisher02 1 Comment

    *Prosecutors in Philadelphia announced Wednesday that they had dropped their attempts to execute Mumia Abu-Jamal, the death row inmate convicted of killing a police officer 30 years ago and whose subsequent legal case based on claims of innocence had received international attention. Abu-Jamal will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility […]