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  • Moya Angela: Dreamgirls’ ‘Effie’ Speaks Exclusively to EURweb

    May 2, 16 by DeBorah B. Pryor Leave a comment

    *Who doesn’t love the story of Dreamgirls? Every little black girl who ever wanted to be part of a singing group can relate to the journey of a group of girls jumping through whatever hoops they had to, in order to claim a spot in the spotlight. And Dreamgirls brings this ‘dream’ to life on … Continue reading Moya Angela: Dreamgirls’ ‘Effie’ Speaks Exclusively to EURweb

  • Editorial: ‘And Another Thing…The ‘Patti LaBelle Pie Situation’ is Exactly Why Celebrities Don’t Accept Unsolicited Material

    Nov 24, 15 by By DeBorah B. Pryor 29 Comments

    *I’m going to keep this real short. But its something I’ve got to get off my chest because I see the writing on the wall. While I am sure as shyte that Patti LaBelle is appreciative of her fan Mr. James Wright going online on his own volition to taste her pie and show his … Continue reading Editorial: ‘And Another Thing…The ‘Patti LaBelle Pie Situation’ is Exactly Why Celebrities Don’t Accept Unsolicited Material

  • ‘Meet the Celebrities on Your Own Terms’ in Upcoming Workshop for Aspiring Writers (Photos!)

    Sep 1, 15 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *When Brooklyn, New York native DeBorah B. Pryor found herself in the offices of The Black American , a small print newspaper in Harlem in the early 1970’s, little did she know what she was getting herself into. Young, pretty, and determined, all she knew was that she wanted to write stories and get into people’s heads. She … Continue reading ‘Meet the Celebrities on Your Own Terms’ in Upcoming Workshop for Aspiring Writers (Photos!)

  • Throwback Thursday: Remember These Great Diana Ross Interviews? (Watch)

    May 7, 15 by Brainuser1 Leave a comment

    *In honor of “Throwback Thursday” and the recent arrival of Motown The Musical in the City of Angels (I know, whoever came up with that term obviously didn’t spend much time in L.A. … but I digress!) It is my extreme honor to go back to the archives and pull up interviews of one of … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Remember These Great Diana Ross Interviews? (Watch)

  • The Jacksons Talk to EUR About Being Legendary, Social Media, Who They’d Collab with and More (Watch)

    Mar 17, 14 by DeBorah B. Pryor 1 Comment

    *It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what sent the Planet Hollywood audience at The Jacksons show in Las Vegas into frenzy so quickly. At the time of this writing, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon were in the second week of a 40-date show of their RockTellz & CockTails residency. It could’ve been the pose each brother … Continue reading The Jacksons Talk to EUR About Being Legendary, Social Media, Who They’d Collab with and More (Watch)

  • Learn ‘How to Talk to Anybody’ at Workshop in Glendale October 2nd

    Oct 1, 13 by Lee Bailey Leave a comment


     (Glendale, CA – September 23, 2013) Let’s face it, not everyone was standing in line when the “golden tongue” was being passed out. Some people were looking elsewhere and walked right by the “outgoing personality” booth, and you can pretty much accurately assume others lacked the confidence to approach the “fake it till you make it” table. These oversights still cause many professionals and those who want to win over their feelings of inadequacy, fear and shyness, to suffer in silence. Many of us take it for granted that we can easily walk up to a group of people at an event; introduce ourselves, and join in on the conversation without skipping a beat; while others wonder how to even make a connection, start a conversation or for that matter, how to keep one going. In this age of fierce competition for anything necessary to move your life forward, How to Talk to Anybody was designed with you in mind.




    “We’ve had awesome runs of this class at UCLA Extension,” says DeBorah B. Pryor, the communications specialist who designed the curriculum for the class she began teaching at the university a year ago. “But everyone can’t make the trip over to Westwood, and many people who need a class like this can’t get to it. This is why I’m bringing it to the valley.” she continues.




    The 6-session class, which will take at an undisclosed location in Glendale each Wednesday starting October 2 through November 6, is fun, challenging and effectively hits it mark; and Pryor is most proud that those who attend, some traveling from great distances (two students recently traveled from Taiwan!), seem to quickly lose their feelings of shyness and insecurity as they start to grow close to the diverse group of people over the 6-week period and get excited about the exercises.




    “[The class] was an absolute joy to come to…it was evident that each assignment would lead to something wonderful in the end.  I began to feel more empowered, less intimidated to speak,” says Scharla, a dietician whose job places her around a variety of personalities and she had problems speaking up for herself at work. She found herself so excited by the homework assignments, which were not designed for you to sit, read, and report; but instead gave you a call-to-action to implement as you went through your day and then return and share the, sometimes hilarious, results with the class.




    James, a college freshman, took the class to learn how to be more outgoing. Since leaving home, he no longer knew how to initiate and maintain a conversation with his younger brother when he called home. Extremely shy and quiet at first, at the end of class he voluntarily stood up and sang a song to his shocked classmates and crying teacher.




    “I really do look forward to continuing to use some of the things that I’ve learned in this class to help me not only become a better, confident speaker, but also aid me in the journey of self-discovery,” he says, smiling shyly during the standing ovation he received from his classmates.




    Pryor, who once struggled with low self-esteem, shyness, and a lack of confidence, says that the class has attracted attorneys, production staff, administrators, entrepreneurs and college students. She designed first workshop in 1993 while working in a temp position at a large child welfare agency and successfully convinced the CEO to sponsor the entire staff to attend. Proud of how the employees were responding, said CEO attended herself and ultimately, referred others. DeBorah started out as a receptionist, and has since worked in a variety of executive positions in the corporate, private and nonprofit sectors; as well as in the entertainment industry. She is also an established writer who has traveled the world.




    She has taught her workshops since 2005 in community theatres, customized by request for private organizations, and utilized rental spaces throughout Los Angeles. She is now a certified small business in the State of California. In 2011, she was invited to teach at UCLA Extension; with her first class being the original 1-day workshop, “Public Speaking for the Private Person,” which is also available on CD.


    For more information and online registration for “How to Talk to Anybody” visit www.dpryorpresents.com under “What’s New” or call 818-745-0395. The last day to register is Sunday, September 29. No walk ins or admission at the door.






    DeBorah B. Pryor




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