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  • Loretta E. Lynch Finally Confirmed as Next US Atty General

    Apr 23, 15 by EURPublisher01 5 Comments

    *Loretta E. Lynch’s epically long wait to win confirmation as U.S. attorney general ended Thursday, after the Senate narrowly approved the veteran New York prosecutor’s nomination. Twenty Republicans joined the Senate’s 44 Democrats and two independents in supporting the procedural move that set up a final vote, reports the Washington Post. But getting the Senate […]

  • Sen. Durbin: Loretta Lynch Being Asked to ‘Sit in the Back of the Bus’ (Watch)

    Mar 18, 15 by EURPublisher01 2 Comments

    *”Loretta Lynch, the first African-American woman nominated to be attorney general, is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). President Barack Obama nominated Lynch in November, but she has been waiting months for her confirmation vote. She’s waited more than three […]

  • Darren Wilson Won’t Face Civil Rights Charges in Mike Brown Death

    Mar 4, 15 by EURPublisher01 2 Comments

    *Darren Wilson, the former Ferguson, Missouri cop who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, will not face federal civil rights charges in connection with Brown’s death, Justice Department officials said Wednesday. DOJ found that Wilson’s use of deadly force against Brown could not be proven to be considered “objectively unreasonable,” and that federal […]

  • DOJ Will Not Charge George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin’s Death

    Feb 24, 15 by EURPublisher01 17 Comments

    *The Department of Justice has notified Trayvon Martin’s family that it will not charge George Zimmerman under federal civil rights law, according to ABC News. Zimmerman, who shot the 17-year-old after a confrontation in 2012, has already been acquitted of state-level murder and manslaughter charges by a Florida jury. Federal prosecutors concluded there is not […]

  • GOP Holds and Will Continue to Hold Lynch Hostage to Holder

    Jan 29, 15 by Earl Ofari Hutchinson 2 Comments

    *Texas senator John Cornyn wasted no time with U.S. Attorney General designate Loretta Lynch. He asked her point blank, “How are you going to be different from Eric Holder?”  It was not a question. It was a demand. Lynch gave him the requisite answer, “I am not Eric Holder.” That won’t be enough. The instant […]

  • AG Holder Reigns in Controversial Police Practice Civil Forfeiture

    Jan 19, 15 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *(Via Newsy) – Attorney General Eric Holder made some sweeping changes to a controversial federal program Friday in a move that could curb cops from seizing people’s property without good reason. The new measures prohibit local and state police from using the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Program to confiscate the vehicles, valuables, cash or property of anyone suspected of wrongdoing. Property […]