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  • Prince Deletes Himself from Social Media

    Nov 26, 14 by EURPublisher01 3 Comments

    *It looks like Prince has had enough of social media. The artist has deleted his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts and removed his work from YouTube and Soundcloud, just a year after joining the social networking websites. But Spotify users were spared. His two latest albums, “Art Official Age” and “Plectrum Electrum” are still available on the […]

  • No Mention of Nancy Snyderman in New NBC/Facebook Ebola Initiative

    Nov 10, 14 by EURPublisher01 4 Comments

    *NBC News announced this morning it has partnered exclusively with Facebook for the launch of a cross-platform initiative “Spread the Story #Fight Ebola,” however, no mention was made of NBC News’ chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman, who has been off the air ever since she was caught violating her voluntary 21-day quarantine in New Jersey. […]

  • Jada Pinkett Smith: “My Husband Takes Pics of Me In My Sleep’

    Nov 4, 14 by EURPublisher01 5 Comments

    *Walking a fine line between romantic and creepy, Will Smith likes to take pictures of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith while she is sleeping – and apparently had a “whole stash” that he hadn’t told her about, until recently. “I discovered the sexiest secret the other day,” the 43-year-old “Gotham” star wrote in a post to her […]

  • Dionne Warwick on Social Media: ‘I Don’t Do Twatter’

    Nov 4, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *Dionne Warwick ain’t got time for no social media. The 73-year-old singing legend, currently promoting the Oct. 27 release of her new duets album “Feels So Good,” was asked in a Billboard interview if she indulges in the medium as a way to interact with her fans. “No, I don’t do Twitter, I don’t do […]

  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Donating $25M to Fight Ebola

    Oct 14, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that he and his wife are donating $25 million towards the fight against Ebola. On his Facebook page, Zuckerberg wrote that he and wife Priscilla Chan are donating the money to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation. “The Ebola epidemic is at a critical turning point,” he […]

  • Jada Pinkett Smith Links Tupac and Genocide in Facebook Post

    Oct 14, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *On Saturday, Jada Pinkett Smith took to Facebook with a post about Tupac’s death and the culture of violence against African Americans that she compares to genocide. The “Gotham” star posted a 90s-era photo of herself with the rapper she had known since their pre-fame days in Baltimore. “In this picture,” she wrote, “I’m flanked by […]