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  • Bronx Zoo Car Crash Kills Three Generations of Family

    Apr 30, 12 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *One of the most devastating car accidents that has ever happened occurred Sunday. The car crash is the second to happen in nearly this very same location. Another crash happened in 2006, along this stretch of highway. One family has been destroyed over the loss of seven family members that died in a horrific accident […]

  • Video: Pregnant Alicia Keys Falls on her Butt at Essence Festival

    Jul 5, 10 by EurPublisher 21 Comments

    *At the Essence Music Festival, a pregnant Alicia Key took a tumble during her performance on Saturday night. [Scroll down to watch] At the time of the fall, Keys was doing “Love Is Blind” from her latest album project “The Element of Freedom” when she stumbled backward and fell. But being a pro, the singer […]