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  • Beneath the Spin: Barack Obama – A Unique Historic Figure

    Sep 10, 13 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    Politicians will be politicians, and we should hold EVERY politician’s feet to the fire. But when you consider that Black people have been trudging all through history for generations in an attempt to find people to show that we too have a significant history that’s competitive with other cultures, President Barack Obama is uniquely significant. […]

  • The Obamas Discuss Daughters Getting Married

    Jan 3, 13 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama recently appeared in their first joint interview since being elected into the White House once again last month and held little back when talking about keeping their love alive and raising their daughters, says the Christian Post. In the “Nightline” interview that aired the day after Christmas, interviewer Barbara Walters questioned the […]

  • The Obamas Start Thanksgiving at Food Bank (Video)

    Nov 23, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Thanksgiving was celebrated Yesterday. And we’re all very thankful for whatever we had our tables, big or small. But before the dinner jumped off, we had to get the ingredients. The food banks are helping those who need to be helped and yesterday American royalty took time to help out. (more…)

  • Michelle Obama Keeps It Tight With a Crack of Dawn Workout Routine

    Aug 22, 12 by Brittney M. Walker 2 Comments

    *First lady Michelle Obama knows how to keep a man on his toes. The in shape mother of two wakes up before the rooster’s crow at 4:30, to get her workout on. In a special article posted on iVillage, a women’s website where she’s serving as guest editor this week, Obama encouraged the ladies to […]

  • EUR Exclusive: Byron Allen’s ‘First Family’ Pilot Making Noise

    Mar 26, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *As the host of my own daytime show, I can tell you that it is an exciting time to be working in television right now. While visionaries such as Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey steadily work their plan, writer/producer hyphenates like “The Game’s” Mara Brock Ali, “Love That Girl’s” Bentley Evans and “Scandal’s” Shonda Rhimes […]

  • Tea Partier Urges Obama Family Assassination in Facebook Rant

    Dec 20, 11 by EURpublisher02 20 Comments

    *A wannabe Tea Party politician in California has called for the assassination of President Obama and his “monkey children” in a recent Facebook rant – and then defended his right to do so Monday. According to the New York Daily News, Jules Manson, who failed miserably in his 2011 bid for a City Council seat […]