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  • Dr Oz Shares Best Hangover Remedy! (Watch)

    Jun 14, 15 by FahniaThomas 1 Comment

    *”Having a glass of alcohol a day, is a very healthy thing to do.” Attention Happy Hour lovers! Dr Oz says a glass a day, keeps the doctor way. Dr Mehmet Oz sat down with DJ Envy and Angela Yee at Power 105.1, to talk all things alcohol, losing weight and poop. “Red wine is […]

  • Meet Your Match: 4 Fitness Styles to Fit Your Personality

    Mar 11, 14 by Daniel T Leave a comment

    *All workouts are not created equal. Call it fitness free will. While lifting weights may work for some people, Pilates appeals to others. The trick is finding a workout style that matches your personality and lifestyle. Lace up your running shoes (or kick them off depending on your style) and check out these four fitness […]

  • EURthisNthat: The Physical Impacts of Marijuana on Your Body

    Feb 5, 14 by Brainuser1 1 Comment

    *The effects of marijuana have been a long debated topic with strong opinions on both sides. Naysayers say that marijuana is physically harmful, not to mention illegal in most states.Whereas the proponents of legalization argue that there are many medical benefits to this herb that are not fully being used due to it’s mostly illegal […]

  • Gabrielle Union Share’s Her Porn Star Diet with Conan (Watch)

    Jan 26, 14 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *How many of you put ‘lose weight’ on your New Year’s resolution list? As previously reported, Gabrielle Union is sharing how she stays in shape. The starlet appeared on Conan and discussed her approach to maintaining a bootylicious physique – an exercise regimen she branded “The Porn Diet.”

  • Fantasia Talks About Losing Weight After the Baby

    Apr 26, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 6 Comments

    *Singer Fantasia has lived her life in the public eye in and out. We’ve seen her come from rags to riches, gain the fame, share her opinion, get into some Jerry Springer-like love triangle and break down. She’s on her way back to the top, though. Part of her transformation has not only been mental […]

  • Jokey Joke: YouTube Hodge Twins Give ‘Eating Tips for the Ladies’ (Video)

    Jan 21, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Fitness videos come in every form under the sun these days. The experts have advice, equipment, and workouts to sell, but you haven’t seen the fitness tips delivered quite like this before…and they’re free. The Hodge Twins have a YouTube channel where they use their fit bodies and sexy looks at the camera to reel […]