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  • 20 Years Later: Gangsta Rap’s Influence on the 1992 Civil Unrest

    Apr 25, 12 by jasmynecannick Leave a comment

    West Coast hip-hop pioneers to discuss the role of gangsta rap on the 1992 civil unrest and over the past twenty years Born of out the L.A. 1992 Civil Unrest, KJLH-FM’s Front Page Show Celebrates 20 Years on Air and as Where Black Los Angeles Comes to Talk *Inglewood, Calif. – Continuing its coverage and […]

  • Fox News Calls Obama ‘Gangsta Rap’ Lover

    Sep 29, 10 by EURPublisher01 11 Comments

    *Leave it to Fox News to take President Obama’s inclusion of Jay-Z, Nas and Lil Wayne on his iPod and turn it into this headline on its website: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES LOVES GANGSTA RAP As previously reported, Jann Wenner’s interview with the president in the latest Rolling Stone ended with a question about […]

  • The Bridge: It’s a G Thing

    Apr 6, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Say the word “gang” to nearly anyone in America today, and visions of groups of violent young Black men will be conjured up.  Racism?  Perhaps.  But undoubtedly, the marketing of the urban lifestyle via rap music has given the face of gangs an ebony hue. Some of the crews and gangs in Urban America were […]