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  • Obama Discusses Issue of Gay Rights in Africa; Kenyan President Dismissive (WATCH)

    Jul 26, 15 by EurPublisher 4 Comments

    *(Via USA Today) – President Obama called on African nations Saturday (in Nairobi, Kenya) to confer equal rights to gays and lesbians, kicking off his first full day in the nation by undertaking a topic that remains highly sensitive on the continent. Kenyan President Kenyatta dismissed the importance of gay rights, calling it a “non-issue” […]

  • Steven Ivory: Life Lessons in a “Gay” Town

    Mar 25, 14 by blueolive Comments Off on Steven Ivory: Life Lessons in a “Gay” Town

    *I was 19 in 1974, the year I first moved to West Hollywood.  Moved in with my first real girlfriend, into a charming gray, two-bedroom bungalow on Westmount  Drive. Everything in my life was new.  In Los Angeles but a  year, I spent most of it living with Aunt Jewel and Grandmother in predominantly Black […]

  • Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona’s Controversial Service-Refusal Bill

    Feb 26, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(Via WSJ) – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed a controversial bill that would have allowed business owners a legal defense if they refused to service customers on religious grounds. The governor’s decision Wednesday earned immediate praise from gay-rights groups, who said that the bill would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian […]

  • Steven Ivory: G-a-y in the N-F-L

    Feb 18, 14 by blueolive Comments Off on Steven Ivory: G-a-y in the N-F-L

    *In case there are those on the planet who don’t know this, and apparently there are,  let’s be clear: wherever there are men, chances are good some of those men will be   emotionally,  physically  and  sexually attracted to other men.  Because these men have ambitions and jobs and careers, they, like everybody else, are everywhere. […]

  • EURthisNthat: Nigerian Woman Disowns Cat ‘Because He’s Gay’

    Jan 30, 14 by Brainuser1 2 Comments

    *What is the world coming to? We know the multitudinous task America has yet to do when it comes to all-things-equality. It’s 2014, and folks are still behaving badly and showing their ignorance when it comes to accepting people for who they are; what they believe, and who they decide to marry. Now, to make […]

  • Raven-Symone’s Coming Out Met with Backlash on Twitter

    Aug 13, 13 by EURpublisher02 5 Comments

    *An Internet backlash followed actress Raven-Symone’s coming out earlier this month, as Twitter users responded with 140-character claims that the news has ruined their childhood. The hashtag #childhoodruined sprung up on tweets spreading the news, insinuating that the realization of the star’s sexuality somehow destroys the impact of her hit Disney Channel show “That’s So […]