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  • With Gratitude, Bradd Marquis

    Sep 24, 13 by Al-Lateef Farmer Leave a comment

    Love is a powerful emotion; it can inspire beyond compare and in the case of a breakups and broken hearts, careers have been built. When it comes to Bradd Marquis, two albums were dedicated to the process of dealing, and ultimately healing, from a wounded heart, but his latest release Thank You is a celebration […]

  • Zongo Junction: Brooklyn-Based Band Keeps Spirit of Afrobeat Alive.

    Jun 5, 13 by Al-Lateef Farmer Leave a comment

    *There’s a connection between rhythm and Africa that’s unmistakable; it speaks through the drum, screams from the horn and whispers sweet everything from the bass to the hearts, minds and feet of those within ear shot of its collaborative effort. At times, that connection is found in unlikely places, like a Zongo Junction jam session […]

  • Behind-the-Scenes with Abiah on the Making of ‘Goodbye’

    Apr 16, 13 by Al-Lateef Farmer Leave a comment

    Abiah’s Life as a Ballad is filled with an undeniable beauty that reaches listeners in a way their soul creates visuals to accompany the tracks on the album and “Goodbye” is no exception; but I’m sure not many cooked up the treatment the way director Francis Augustine, the artist and wife Maameyaa Boafo did. The […]

  • The Indie Soul Social – Abiah

    Nov 14, 12 by Al-Lateef Farmer Leave a comment

      Name: Abiah (translation: God is my Father) Represents: Rochester, New York Style: Art Soul – a unique blend of jazz, soul, gospel, classical and world music. Influences: Anita Baker, Oleta Adams, Rachelle Ferrell, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn Musical Pedigree: Mother was pianist for opera singer William Warfield; cousin of Robert Glasper; Voice major at […]

  • Jarrard Anthony: Feels like a Lucky Day

    Jun 6, 12 by Al-Lateef Farmer Leave a comment

    Jarrard Anthony is one of those people that you root for; he’s the kind of man and artist that appreciates life and understands the blessings he’s received and shares them in various ways. Since his days as a shy teenager who came out of his shell once he discovered his (singing) voice and joined a […]