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  • The Socialist’s Journal: The Problem with Theocracy

    Apr 7, 15 by Trevor Brookins Leave a comment

    *Last week I said to let me know when the issue with Indiana’s new religious freedom law had run its course. Ultimately if no one spoke up about the law, it would stay on the books and could be used to discriminate so I’m glad that it is out in the open right now and […]

  • LGBT Supporter Blasts Gay Tactics in Indiana

    Apr 1, 15 by Staff Report Leave a comment

    *A law professor who has won over 100 anti-discrimination legal actions, and is on the record against discrimination based upon sexual orientation or sexual identity, nevertheless is critical of the LGBT community for misrepresenting the effects of Indiana’s new RFRA statute, and trying to use it to pressure the state into extending them protection. Since […]

  • The Socialist’s Journal: Quick Hits 2015 Part 1

    Mar 30, 15 by Trevor Brookins Leave a comment

    *The fact that there is a coalition of countries from the Middle East preparing to deal with the situation in Yemen is the best news from that part of the world in quite a while. It is an indication that those countries are taking an interest in and responsibility for a situation that could directly […]

  • Katherine Jackson and MJ’s Kids Have Events Planned in Indiana

    Aug 1, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Katherine Jackson is headed back to Indiana. No, she’s not trying to escape the home front drama going on in Cali. She’s returning to her family’s hometown to celebrate what would have would have been her son, Michael’s 54th birthday. A statement released on Tuesday says the Indiana the Jackson Matriarch will be accompanied by […]

  • Indiana Pastor Receives Death Threats After Toddler Sings Anti-Gay Song (Video)

    Jun 3, 12 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *An Indiana church generated a buzz across the Internet after a video of a 3-year-old singing, “Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make it to Heaven” hit the blogosphere. Members of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church in Greensburg say they’ve been flooded with death threats and harassing phone calls. The pastor has even received threats at his […]

  • Reverend Owes Church $500,000 in Tithes and Offering

    Aug 29, 11 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *The IndyChannel reports that a former Indianapolis pastor has admitted to misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help build a church. The Rev. Wayne Taft Harris Jr., who pleaded not guilty to two counts of wire fraud, has been ordered to repay nearly $500,000 to Teen Missions, the group that loaned the money. According to […]