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  • Evelyn Lozada Tells Fan her Regrets on Twitter

    Feb 5, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 5 Comments

    *Evelyn Lozada is still apologizing for her behavior on “Basketball Wives,” saying she regrets some of those dramatic, hot temper tantrum moments on the show. She’s been through a lot and it’s definitely changed her, apparently for the better. Like many, she’s made her mistakes (some not as bad as hers, but we’re not here […]

  • Kenya Bell – Formerly of ‘B-ball Wives’ – Gets Half of NBA Star’s Fortune

    Sep 10, 12 by Brainuser1 11 Comments

    *Let’s face it, you can walk away from a high-profile title without stumbling when you got bank following you. Kenya Bell may not technically be a “basketball wife” any longer, but the former “Basketball Wives” star will be leaving the marriage with a lot of NBA dough. You might recall, Kenya and Charlie were entangled in a […]

  • Jesus (And Business) Kept Kenya Bell From Fighting

    Jun 18, 12 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *Kenya Bell has been the brunt of all jokes and sneaky gossip conversations since joining the cast of “Basketball Wives.” She’s even been initiated with a confrontation with Evelyn Lozada and a stinky prank in Fiji. Like EURweb on Facebook But she says Jesus delivered her and kept her from stooping to anyone else’s animalistic […]

  • ’Basketball Wives’ Kenya Bell’s Estranged Husband Wants Financial Support

    May 29, 12 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    *In life, some people say ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.’ Apparently, this would apply to Charlie Bell, as the former NBA player is asking for financial support from his wife, “Basketball Wives” star Kenya Bell. RELATED: Morning Mess: Kenya Bell Recklessly Spending Husband’s Money In legal documents filed by Charlie Bell, he claims […]

  • Kenya Bell Denies Splurging on Plastic Surgery and Shopping

    Apr 4, 12 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *Another blow lands on Kenya Bell, smack dab in the mouth. Supposedly the new “Basketball Wives” star spent over $100K on plastic surgery. But she says all those rumors are hogwash. She tweeted: “if I spent 110,000 on plastic surgery I’d look like Joan Rivers! lmbo!” Her estranged husband, Charlie Bell is being blamed for […]

  • Kenya Bell Feels She’s Being Attacked

    Apr 3, 12 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *If you haven’t been keeping up with “Basketball Wives,” you’ve been missing out on some juicy drama. And guess whose at the center of it all? Yep, poor lil’ Kenya Bell. She told Sister 2 Sister magazine that she feels targeted on the show and that everyone is ganging up on her, making her look […]