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  • Larry Buford: Observing Lent – The True Fast is True Sacrifice

    Mar 29, 14 by Larry Buford Leave a comment

    *The 2014 Lenten season began March 5th and ends on April 17th. It is a time of fasting the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent for Catholics and most Reformed and Protestant denominations. The 40 days is what scholars believe to be symbolic of the 40 […]

  • Larry Buford: ‘Tell Them About the Dream, Martin!’

    Jan 16, 14 by Larry Buford Leave a comment

    *Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson shouted, “Tell them about the dream, Martin” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was delivering the keynote address at the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963. At her behest Dr. King reportedly abandoned his notes and with as much fervor as his small frame could muster, he improvised “I still have a […]

  • My Untold Story on ‘Unsung: David Ruffin’

    Jan 9, 14 by Larry Buford 5 Comments

    *Since TV One first aired “Unsung: David Ruffin” in March 2012, I have received many phone calls and e-mails from viewers on both sides of the Atlantic which I appreciate, and I thank TV One and the Ruffin family for inviting me to be included in the telecast. I’ve written many articles about Mr. Ruffin, […]

  • Listen to EURweb Contributor Larry Buford’s ‘Can’t Quiet My Soul’ (A Song About Violence)

    Dec 13, 13 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *Hey y’all, check this out … EURweb contributor and former Motown songwriter Larry Buford has penned and recorded a song titled “Can’t Quiet My Soul”  that has just been released on YouTube. The song track and title – inspired by the movie ‘Titanic’ – was written by Buford years ago, but he could not seem […]

  • ’12 Years A Slave': An EUR Film Review (by Larry Buford)

    Oct 15, 13 by Larry Buford Leave a comment

    *After viewing the pre-opening screening of the much-anticipated movie “12 Years A Slave,” I must say first and foremost, the cinematography, directing, and acting was superb! The lighting and sound effects were so well balanced and clear that I was not inclined to wish (as I often do) I were at home watching the DVD […]

  • Scherrie Payne: ‘I Do Love You’

    Oct 14, 13 by Larry Buford 1 Comment

    Scherrie Payne – former member of Motown’s The Supremes – recorded several songs (some on YouTube) written by yours truly. She sent me a message recently saying, “You know that ‘I Do Love You’ is my absolute favorite!” That means so much to me as a songwriter. Thank you Scherrie! Here’s the song…[Larry Buford]