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  • Ultron Does Not Discriminate in ‘Avengers’

    Apr 30, 15 by Marie Moore Leave a comment

    *Ultron, voiced by James Spader, does not discriminate in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” It wants to exterminate all of mankind, beginning with the Avengers. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ultron, as strange as it may seem, was created with good intentions. Iron Man Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) wanted a creation that would protect the world, […]

  • ‘Begin Again’ Back in Theaters This Weekend

    Aug 29, 14 by Cherie Saunders Leave a comment

    *”Begin Again” begins in theaters again this weekend. The Weinstein Company returns the film to theaters Friday (Aug. 29) in a bid to reacquaint it with critics and Academy voters ahead of this year’s award season. “Audiences this summer fell in love with the amazing cast and soundtrack of ‘Begin Again,’ and we’re thrilled that […]

  • The Film Strip: Realism is a Big Part of ‘Begin Again’

    Jul 5, 14 by Marie Moore Leave a comment

    *So real is the feel of “Begin Again,” you have to remind yourself you’re sitting in a theater and watching the performers’ lives unfold onscreen. Having spent years covering the music scene, the drastic changes that left many an artist and record exec reeling was witnessed first hand. In “Begin Again,” Mos Def aka Yasiin […]

  • Cee Lo Green Joins Musical Film ‘Can a Song Save Your Life’

    Jun 28, 12 by EURpublisher02 Leave a comment

    *Cee Lo Green of “The Voice’ has been cast in the upcoming musical film “Can a Song Save Your Life,” joining actress Keira Knightly, Mark Ruffalo and fellow “ Voice” coach Adam Levine. [SUBSCRIBE TO EURWEB’s RSS FEED] Director John Carney’s film, due in 2013, follows a singer-songwriter (Knightly) who forms a bond with a […]

  • Samuel L. Jackson Surprises Comic-Con Crowd

    Jul 26, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The Marvel Studios presentation at Comic-Con Saturday presented surprise guest Samuel L. Jackson to introduce the all-star cast of its forthcoming film “Avengers.” Just as the company’s panel was winding down, the actor took the stage before some 6,000 fans to bring out stars Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Hemsworth of “Thor” and Chris Evans […]