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  • Dr. Kenneth Love’s Music Industry Analysis: Today’s False Ideologies of Both Major & Indie Artists

    Dec 16, 13 by Dr. Kenneth Love Leave a comment

    *Though the title of this article readily explains what it is about, I would like to open it with a personal experience… personal to the point that the subject of this opening paragraph is my cousin, but not just any cousin.  He is, otherwise, a Hollywood actor who has appeared as a major guest star […]

  • Alternative $ales Outlets For Musicians

    Oct 7, 13 by Dr. Kenneth Love Leave a comment

     *The Music industry and its respective music buyers have not, yet, strictly endorsed a digital music file environment for sales. As such, musicians/recording artists are still expected to have CDs available for both representing their music and for sale, particularly, during their live performances. The below list- Alternative Sales Outlets for Musicians -  presents various […]

  • Man Gets Job with Chocolate Bar Resume (Video)

    Feb 25, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Don’t you get tired of seeing all of the different models and templates you should use for your resume and cover letter? They scare you into brevity, conservative, tight, sterile forms of false explanations of self that stray away from who you are and results in you becoming as unbelievable as possible. But one man, […]

  • Marketing in The 21st Century
 with Travis Cloyd on MoneyTV

    Feb 4, 13 by Kandis Knight Leave a comment

    *Last week, Marketing and International Business Expert, Travis Cloyd, appeared on MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon. Sharing his groundbreaking perspectives on marketing in the 21st Century with 180 million viewers in seventy-five countries worldwide! To view Travis Cloyd’s informative segment on MoneyTV: CLICK MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon is the “internationally syndicated television program all about money […]

  • Bank of America Under Fire for Foreclosed Properties’ Decay

    Oct 10, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The properties owned by residents of every city are required to maintain their property. When they do not, neighbors complain because all properties depreciate when the property is not maintained. In most cases, homeowners have a sense of pride about their property and the community it’s in, so most owners take care of their property. […]

  • Jay-Z Announces New Partnership with NY Yankees

    Apr 15, 12 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *The New York Yankees could be rocking some new styled gear pretty soon. On Wednesday, Jay-Z officially announced a new partnership between the baseball team and his beloved brand Rocawear. This partnership means Rocawear will be riding high at Yankee stadium and integrated into several promotions throughout the season. Via a press release, Jameel Spencer, […]