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  • Report: Steve Harvey Accused by Son and Ex-Wife of Child Abuse … but Cleared

    Dec 20, 13 by EurPublisher 27 Comments

    Mary Harvey Gets 30 Day Jail Sentence for Violating Protective Order in Case *Uh oh. Here’s a report that’s gonna raise some eyebrows. On the day that Steve Harvey is airing his recent interview with President Obama about fatherhood and family among other things on his nationally syndicated “Steve Harvey Show,” comes mind blowing news about him. […]

  • Audio: Steve Harvey Has Ex-Wife Mary Thrown in Jail and She’s Pissed!

    Nov 3, 11 by Dizzy 15 Comments

    *Mary Harvey, the ex-wife of comedian Steve Harvey, who hosts “Family Feud” and a nationally syndicated radio show, recently made a phone call to blast the “Family Feud” host, who had her thown in jail over the Halloween weekend. It’s been a contentious battle between Mary and Steve Harvey, who have been battling over custody of their son, […]

  • She Ain’t Thru (Audio): Mary Harvey’s ‘Final’ Interview

    Feb 20, 11 by EurPublisher 20 Comments

    *If you thought Mary Harvey was through speaking out on her sharp differences with ex-husband Steve Harvey, think again. This past Thursday she was given the opportunity say what was on her mind in light of Mr. Harvey’s recent court victory against her and some comments he made on “The View” about the situation as […]

  • Columnist: ‘Would You Accept Relationship Advice from Steve Harvey?’

    Feb 17, 11 by EURPublisher01 14 Comments

    *Writer Allison Samuels has waded into the murky waters of Steve Harvey’s love life with a new column questioning his self-appointed role as “relationship expert.” Here’s an excerpt from her Feb. 16 post, titled “Steve Harvey’s Bad Romance”: Annie Martin is still too peeved to rationally discuss comic Steve Harvey. Like many African American women, […]

  • Steve Harvey Camp: Document Proves Ex Wife’s Claims are False

    Feb 8, 11 by EURPublisher01 65 Comments

    *Steve Harvey’s reps say a Texas judge has approved the release of a legal document “which verifiably proves” that the allegations from his ex-wife Mary Harvey (spurred by her appearance on YouTube) were indeed false.” Despite an existing gag order in the case stemming from their 2005 divorce proceedings, the Honorable Judge Dry of the […]

  • In Court today: Steve Harvey vs. Mary Harvey

    Feb 7, 11 by Brittney M. Walker 14 Comments

    *Steve Harvey is going to court with a vengeance against his former wife, Mary. After his ex took to YouTube to throw trash on the comedian’s name, everyone knew it was going to be a battle. So today (Feb. 7), the two sides will square off in a Collins County, Texas court room to hear […]