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  • ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Cartoon Coming to Adult Swim (Trailer)

    Oct 1, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *Mike Tyson is getting his Scooby Doo on. The boxer will appear as himself in animated form for “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” a new adult cartoon series in which he solves crimes with the help of a talking pigeon and a ghost. The series has been picked up by Warner Bros. Studios and will debut on […]

  • Mike Tyson Comforts Man after Motorcycle Crash

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    *Mike Tyson literally sprung into action over the weekend when he helped a man lying helplessly in the road following a motorcycle crash. According to TMZ, Ryan Chesley was en route to Las Vegas when a cab suddenly cut him off and sent him flying off his bike. Luckily for him, the former heavyweight champion […]

  • Robin Givens Calls Ray Rice Video ‘A Game Changer’ (Watch)

    Sep 12, 14 by EURPublisher01 4 Comments

    *On Friday, Robin Givens, who was married to Mike Tyson from 1988 to 1989, appeared on “Today,” calling the released footage of Ray Rice’s violent actions “a game-changer.” “This conversation has become a different conversation because of that video,” she said “However difficult it is for this poor woman, she will help myself and other […]

  • Canadian Interviewer Triggers Cussing Out by Mike Tyson

    Sep 11, 14 by Qwest7 5 Comments

    *A seemingly normal interview with Mike Tyson went downhill after the interviewer asked the wrong question at the wrong time. Media sources report that Tyson was not thrilled with the questions he was asked by CP24, anchor Nathan Downer. During the interview, Downer brought up Toronto mayor Rob Ford and criticism he received for meeting with the […]

  • O.J. Simpson Reportedly Converting to Islam in Prison

    Aug 27, 14 by EURPublisher01 1 Comment

    *O.J. Simpson, serving time in Nevada since 2008, has turned to Islam in a bid to change his life….according to the National Enquirer. Juice was sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery over a theft of sports memorabilia at the Palace Station hotel-and-casino in Vegas. After […]

  • Jamie Foxx Will Use CGI Animation to Play Young Mike Tyson in Biopic

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    *Mike Tyson says Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx will get a little digital assistance to play him in a biopic they’re planning to start shooting within a year to 18 months. In an interview with IGN Entertainment, the former heavyweight champion said the face of Foxx, who is 46, will be manipulated using CGI animation technology […]