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  • UPDATE: Transgender Woman to Serve Sentence in Male Prison

    Jun 7, 12 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    *In May, we reported a disturbing story of self defense that resulted in the arrest of CeCe McDonald who was defending herself against racist, homophobic attacks. One of the attackers, Dean Schmitz, had a swastika on his chest and was the first to hurl racist remarks at the girl and her friends. A scuffle ensued […]

  • Tide Detergent Hits the Black Market?

    Mar 14, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Everyone likes clean clothes. Nothing like that fresh smell emanating from someone’s clothes. It just makes for a better day. Some of us are so excited about having fresh clean clothes that we’re willing to get our detergent on the black market. But not just any detergent, “liquid gold!” Yeah, that’s right! That clothes crack […]

  • Minn. State Rep. Compares Food Stamp Recipients to ‘Wild Animals’ (Video)

    Mar 12, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *The country is making a come-up economically, but there are still those that are in dire need. But, you also have those who abuse the system like those folks we told you about out of Michigan. They are both collecting food stamps after hitting over $1 million lottery jackpots. But, maybe that’s what one state […]

  • Rick Santorum Upsets Mitt Romney and Wins 3 GOP Races

    Feb 8, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(Via Yahoo News) – No delegates were at stake on Tuesday night, but Rick Santorum still scored three important–and surprisingly large–victories in the race for the Republican presidential nomination by winning caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota and a primary in Missouri. “Conservatism is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota,” Santorum said when he took the stage, […]

  • Kardashian Update: Reconciliation ‘Up in the Air'; Tyler Sticking with Her

    Nov 7, 11 by EurPublisher 4 Comments

    *For those who care and want to know … and for those who don’t and need a reason to0 hate,  here’s the latest on the Kim Kardashian marriage situation. According to TMZ, Kim and Kris Humphries hooked up in Minnesota on Sunday and paid a 4-hour visit to their pastor. According to the report, a […]

  • Video: Woman Charged for Mailing Puppy to Son

    Feb 11, 11 by EurPublisher 3 Comments

    *Have you ever seen one of those commercials where there’s a puppy in a box under the Christmas tree and the kids get up that morning to find the loosely put together box exploding with their new puppy? Wellllllllllllll, this isn’t that scenario, but that’s what this woman was trying to convey in her defense. […]