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  • Larry Buford: I Went Missing

    May 22, 12 by Larry Buford Leave a comment

    *When asked what they did over the weekend we may get responses from people like “I went fishing,” “I went bowling,” “I went skiing,” or other activities that conjure a visual. But it would be odd to hear someone say “I went missing.” Can you picture that? Have you ever encountered a sign that read […]

  • TV One Addresses Black Missing Persons

    Jan 4, 12 by Brittney M. Walker 5 Comments

    *TV One is launching a groundbreaking series that is sure to bring attention to a long overlooked issue. “Finding Our Missing” will focus on the countless number of missing African Americans who have been largely ignored by mainstream media. “Find Our Missing” is designed to put names and faces to people of color who have […]

  • Bill Clinton Twist in Cold Case Re-Opened on Arkansas Girl Missing 25 Years

    Dec 9, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *As difficult as it is to get media attention for minority missing persons, it is more than interesting that a case regarding an African American teenage girl, with a boy’s name, in Arkansas back in 1985 has been reopened. Authorities have not given information about why the case is being looked at again, but say […]

  • Mitrice Richardson Didn’t Have to Die the Way She Did

    Aug 17, 10 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *It was with great sorrow and sadness the family of Mitrice Richardson, a young lady missing for over a year after being released from a Malibu, Calif. police station, received the news of her fate. Her skeletal remains were found in mountainous ravine near the police station. Her family is suspicious of what happened that […]