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  • Samsung’s Galaxy S6 vs Apple’s iPhone 6: Time to ‘Think Different’

    Mar 3, 15 by Darryl Yates a/k/a GogoGadget Guy Leave a comment

    *On Sunday Samsung debuted two new flagship phones for 2015; the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, two highly anticipated devices that will hopefully inspire other companies (Apple) to keep innovation as a top priority in their platform. It’s a good time to note that while Apple and Samsung are rivals, they actually worked together […]

  • Your Wireless Carrier is Considering Ending Phone Subsidies

    Dec 26, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(Via LA Times) – It’s a perk wireless customers have come to expect: Sign up for a two-year service contract, and get a new smartphone at a deeply discounted price or sometimes even free. But the reign of cellphone subsidies could be ending as customers demand more flexible mobile plans, forcing wireless carriers to look […]

  • Qubeey Inc. Unveils 2.0 Version at International CES Show 2013

    Jan 7, 13 by LaRita Shelby Leave a comment

    *Southern California-based Qubeey, Inc., innovators of the technology platform revolutionizing Internet communications and access, returns for the second consecutive year to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil its latest version, Qubeey 2.0, in booth 36156 in the South Hall. The emerging technology company thrilled CES attendees at CES 2012 with its unparalleled functionality […]

  • Cell Phone Radiation Could Cause You Cancer

    Jun 1, 11 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *It’s old news made new again. Cell phones aren’t good for your brain. There has been a lot of debate and speculation over the years in regards to cell phones and the risks their radiation can have. But now, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially categorized mobile phone use as a possible carcinogenic hazard. In […]

  • Video: Jamie Foxx on His New CD and Business Venture

    Dec 1, 10 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *Jamie Foxx is getting ready to release his latest album, “Best Night of My Life,” on Dec. 21. But in the meantime, the sly one is making some interesting business moves. The singer recently launched his own production company. A definite “no brainer,” you could say. Here’s what he told Terri Seymour from “Extra”: “I […]

  • InSYnC: Android

    Jul 13, 10 by gogogadgetguy 1 Comment

    *What’s up Gadgeteers, this week we are going to focus on our attention on Android, probably the best Operating software available at the moment, unless of course you’re an Apple fan, and then you might have a different opinion. What is Android? Android is Google’s’ software for smartphones that is based on open development. This […]