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  • The Griswolds Are Back On ‘Vacation’ (Watch)

    Jul 30, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *EUR was on the Scene with the Griswolds and 30 years later the family is heading back to Wally World, in the new National Lampoon’s “Vacation.” This time around Ed Helms (Rusty Griswold) is behind the wheel, along with Christian Applegate (Debbie Griswold) and the sequel is in theaters now! EUR: Your character has several mature […]

  • ‘Unexpected’ Stars Share Unexpected Moments (Watch)

    Jul 23, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *EUR was on the Scene with Gail Bean, Cobie Smulders, and Anders Holm the stars of “Unexpected,” a rare drama illuminating a teacher and student bond, in theaters Friday, July 24. EUR: When was the last time something “Unexpected” happened to you and what was it? Cobie Smulders: Boom! I just broke my leg, that was unexpected. I fell playing around […]

  • ‘Spy’ Stars Share Sobriquets (Watch)

    Jun 5, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *EURweb sat down with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham to talk about their new comedic film ‘Spy,’ in theaters June 5th. EUR: In real life, what would your SPY name be? Melissa McCarthy: Mine would be Suzy Van Dyke! Jason Statham: Mine would be Jasper Edward yeah. Melissa McCarthy: That’s a good spy name. Or […]

  • ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Star Caught on Fire (Watch)

    May 12, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *EUR was On The Scene at the Hollywood premiere of “MadMax: Fury Road” starring Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, and Tom Hardy. EUR: FURY ROAD is one big epic, well choreographed car chase, with great attention to detail….Why do people love a good car chase? Nathan Jones (plays Rictus Erectus): It’s insane vehicles…smashing, crashing and fight […]

  • EUR Exclusive Film Clip: Morgan Freeman in ‘5 Flights Up’ (Watch)

    Apr 16, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *EUR has an exclusive trailer clip of Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton ‘s new film “5 Flights Up.” “It’s really a human interest story,” stated Freeman. “People who are married all of that time, of course they love each other, so it’s not a suspenseful, rolling-around-in-bed kind of love story. It’s about people […]

  • Will Smith Talks ‘Big Cons’ and Relationship Rebirths on ‘Focus’ Red Carpet (Watch)

    Feb 26, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *His $50 million film opens Friday. Will Smith stars as a master of misdirection in “Focus” from Warner Bros. EUR was on the scene at the Los Angeles premiere and spoke with the leading man himself, Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran, Tia Mowry, and Alfonso Ribeiro about relationships and con artists. EUR On The Scene: ‘Focus’ from […]