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  • Headphones Ad: ‘Butt Clapping’ Makes Good Music … Watch/Listen

    Feb 26, 15 by Brainuser1 2 Comments

    *You’ve got to admit, when a company says they want to introduce music made by the booty—for the booty, you get a visual that immediately tells you that’s probably too much information. But that’s what the team at AIAIAI headphones is selling  in their latest project where sensors are attached to the booty of a woman as […]

  • How Wearable Tech Will Transform Live Music

    Feb 16, 15 by Daniel T 2 Comments

    *Wearable technology like smart glasses, watches and fitness bands reached a $3 billion dollar market in 2014 alone, according to consulting company Deloitte. Wearables are gaining speed and popularity across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, hospitality and music. This tech goes beyond any of its predecessors by allowing more than listening to music and […]

  • A Musician’s Life: Mobile Tools to Keep Your Life in Order While You’re on Tour

    Jan 24, 15 by Daniel T Leave a comment

    *Following your dream of being a musician is fulfilling and rewarding, but there is no denying the difficulties you face while working on the road. One challenge musicians face is taking care of their homes and personal affairs while they are away on tour for weeks or months at a time. Luckily, there are some […]

  • 10 Very Expensive Songs

    Jan 21, 15 by Daniel T Leave a comment

    *Josh Sanborn, writing for Time magazine and citing data from branding firm Heartbeats International, estimated that total music licensing revenues for 2011 were $2.5 billion. Using copyrighted material for marketing campaigns or any other purpose beyond listening enjoyment can be a costly endeavor in more ways than one. These 10 songs were expensive in their […]

  • How to Instagram Like Beyonce

    Dec 27, 14 by Daniel T 3 Comments

    *Beyonce: We all want to be her. She is a talented, gorgeous megastar who manages motherhood while remaining fashionable and powerful. We all look upon her Instagram page with envy. Whether modeling trendy designer threads, strutting a runway, posing in front of a private jet or dominating on stage, she is stunning. While we can’t […]

  • Rapper Chingy Has A Degree In Astrology! (Watch)

    Aug 31, 14 by FahniaThomas 2 Comments

    *Who knew? Last time we saw Chingy he was on VH1‘s “Couples Therapy: Season 3.” The rapper sat down with 1966mag.com to talk about his new music, the future of Hip Hop and shared a few of his favorite things. What new projects are you working on? Chingy: I’m working on a projected called Chingology and […]