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  • Pulitzer Prize Winner Robin Givhan Gets Laid Off

    Jan 19, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *Newsweek and the Daily Beast had to do some downsizing. Instead of simply chopping from the bottom up, the execs at the publications decided to cut one of the company’s most influential journalists. Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion journalist Robin Givhan was laid off, but will continue her term until the end of the year, according to […]

  • Newsweek Cover Story Hammers Obama: ‘Hit The Road Barack’

    Aug 20, 12 by EurPublisher 3 Comments

    *(Via Mediaite) – Newsweek magazine has made headlines many times in recent months, mostly for its controversial cover stories. This week, Newsweek has made controversy again – this time for publishing a strong piece by Niall Fergusson in which he details the many reasons why President Barack Obama has failed as the nation’s chief executive […]

  • Morgan Freeman Wants Legalization of Marijuana

    Jul 25, 12 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *Make marijuana legal, is Morgan Freeman’s cry. The 75-year-old actor chatted about his views regarding weed during an interview with Newsweek recently. “Marijuana! Heavens, oh yeah. It’s just the stupidest law possible, given history,” he lamented. “You don’t stop people from doing what they want to do, so forget about making it unlawful. You’re just […]

  • Farrakhan Denounces Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance (Video)

    May 30, 12 by EURpublisher02 8 Comments

    *Minister Louis Farrakhan recently responded to President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage calling him “the first president that sanctioned what the scriptures forbid,” according to a video posted by the Nation of Islam’s, Finalcall.com. [Scroll down to watch.] During an address at the California Convention Center on Sunday, the Nation of Islam leader also ridiculed […]

  • Newsweek Crowns Obama ‘First Gay President’

    May 14, 12 by EURpublisher02 3 Comments

    *Just days after Time magazine’s controversial breastfeeding cover, Newsweek’s May 21 issue declares Barack Obama the country’s “first gay president” – complete with a rainbow halo over his head. The accompanying cover story was written by openly gay political blogger Andrew Sullivan. His cover story is not yet online, but in a blog post published […]

  • Jerry Springer Stands Up for President Obama Against Fox News (Video)

    Jan 19, 12 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Everyone should know by now that Jerry Springer thrives on controversy. He’s made a career out of controversy. From gay couples fighting with transvestite lovers to housewives fighting their husband’s midget lovers, Springer has taken on controversy–with bodyguards surrounding him and his talk show guests–with ease. Why would Fox News think they would be a […]