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  • Walmart Shopper Opens Fire on Shoplifter to Stop Him (Video)

    Mar 1, 13 by EurPublisher 5 Comments

    *Some of us can be some real Nosey Nancy’s. We step in sometimes when we should let authorities handle the problem. Well, Walmart is probably having mixed feelings this morning on the latest crime thwarted in their Orange County, Florida, store. Shopper, Jose Martinez, 35, shot at shopflifter Eddie McGee as he tried to make […]

  • Atheist Campaign Against God Ads

    Aug 2, 11 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *A local atheist group has erected ad panels on 30 bus shelters across Orange County, California encouraging commuters to doubt the Bible and God, according to the Christian Post. Backyard Skeptics, the group behind the $8,000 campaign, boasts on its website that it has put up 30 bus-shelter ads from Anaheim to Mission Viejo. One […]

  • Man Attempts to Rape a Woman on Christian Radio Show

    Apr 29, 11 by Brittney M. Walker 3 Comments

    *What is the world is going on today. A Florida man was arrested this week after he barged into a Christian radio station and exposed himself to the female radio host, threatening to rape her. Donald Destin (30, pictured), was arrested in Orange County, Fla. on Monday around 6 p.m. after he attempted to perform […]

  • Weekend Rally and Prayer Vigil Held in front of Marilyn Davenport Home

    Apr 25, 11 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Project Islamic H.O.P.E.’s Najee Ali led a prayer vigil of over three dozen civil rights activists on Saturday April 23 outside the home of Marilyn Davenport. Davenport is the Orange County, California GOP official who has so far refused requests to resign from her post as a elected member of the Orange County GOP Central […]

  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Trump Speaks for Millions on Birther Issue

    Apr 25, 11 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Forgotten in the furor over Orange County GOP Central Committee Member Marilyn Davenport’s vile, vicious, and blatantly racist depiction of President Obama and his family as chimps is the reason that she did it. The caption underneath the photo read “Now you know why no birth certificate.” The timing for the “satire,” as Davenport lamely […]

  • Najee Ali Back in Action: He’ll Lead Protest Against Marilyn Davenport

    Apr 20, 11 by EurPublisher 13 Comments

    *Uh oh, it looks like Marilyn Davenport (photo), the 74-year-old-Grandmother responsible for the photo of President Obama being depicted as the son of chimpanzees, has caught the attention of Najee Ali and his Project Islamic H.O.P.E. organization. A press release from Ali (pictured below), who was recently released from prison after a stint for bribery,  […]