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  • Black Officer Killed in the Line of Duty to be Remembered on 10th Anniversary

    Apr 15, 15 by EURNews Leave a comment

    *In recognition of Los Angeles Airport Police Officer Tommy Scott’s sacrifice and to commemorate the tenth year since his death, the Tommy Scott 1st Annual Ride & Shine Memorial Ride and Car & Truck Show show will take place on Apr. 25 and the Tommy Scott Memorial 5K & 10K LAX Run on May 16. […]

  • 73-yr Old Deputy Mistakes Gun for Taser – Kills Eric Harris (Watch)

    Apr 13, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 5 Comments

    *There are so many troubling aspects to this most recent police shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma; I am not sure where to begin. Last week the world watched in disbelief as former North Charleston, South Carolina white, police officer Michael Slager executed unarmed, black, Walter Scott during a traffic stop for an inoperable third tail light. […]

  • Retired Officers Applaud SC – White Police Officer Charged with Murder

    Apr 8, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 1 Comment

    *North Charleston, South Carolina authorities were swift and decisive in their response to the video depicting a white police officer, on duty,  shooting an unarmed black man as he ran away. Now, we want justice!!! The National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice Reform & Accountability (NCLEO4J)  consists of a diverse ethnic group of […]

  • Chris Rock Takes Selfies of his Multiple Police Stops (Photos)

    Apr 1, 15 by EURPublisher01 2 Comments

    *Chris Rock was pulled over by police on Monday night, according to a post on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. It was the third time in less than two months. “Stopped by the cops again wish me luck,” he captioned a photo of himself in a car with what appears to be lights flashing behind […]

  • BlackandBlueNews: Retired Police Officers Discuss Race, Reform & Accountability on Capitol Hill

    Mar 3, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 1 Comment

    *On the heels of FBI Director James Comey’s recent statement that “everyone’s a little bit racist”  retired and former police officers demand an end to institutionalized racism , injustice and a lack of accountability. During a recent trip to Capitol Hill, members of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice, Reform and Accountability […]

  • BlackandBlueNews: Retired Police Officers to Meet With DC Lawmakers

    Feb 24, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 6 Comments

    * A multi-cultural group of retired and former law enforcement officers will meet with Rep John Lewis in Washington, DC, next week, to further the discussion started by FBI Director James Comey in his speech on race relations between the police and the black community. This historic and unprecedented event will include retirees from police […]