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  • America: A Nation Under Sin or Love?

    Jul 4, 15 by Dana L. Stringer 2 Comments

    *After a full week of wading through a plethora of online tirades by opponents of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on marriage equality, I am not only reminded of how challenging it is to change the laws of the land, I am  also reminded of how difficult it is to change the hearts and minds […]

  • Argument Over Presidential Politics Lands Woman in Prison for Murder

    Jun 16, 15 by Brainuser1 2 Comments

    *Bipolar disorder is the claim one woman is making for the brutal murder of a friend, with whom she was having a heated argument over presidential politics. But it wasn’t enough to save her from standing trial, and subsequently getting sentenced to prison for 23 years. Detroit resident Tewana Sullivan had a blood-alcohol level of 0.41 […]

  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Discussing Race with White People

    May 12, 15 by riversteff 1 Comment

    *I was sitting in a hotel van on the way to the airport when two white people were discussing what had become known in the national news as #Baltimore Burning. The woman said, in essence, looters who steal from and destroy their own neighborhoods were criminals whose behaviors prove police are justified to use deadly […]

  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Nice try Rand Paul, But it won’t Work

    Apr 9, 15 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Freshly minted 2016 GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul has a few good things going for him. He has talked back to the war hawks. He wants to radically rein in out of control intelligence spying. He wants to chip away at the draconian drug laws that still incarcerate mostly minorities for long stretches for petty […]

  • Steven Ivory: How Obama Rolls

    Feb 17, 15 by blueolive Comments Off on Steven Ivory: How Obama Rolls

    *Every now and then, I go to You Tube and find assorted video of President Obama arrivals and departures. You read correctly: I get a kick watching footage of Obama on the move. I’ll watch him deplane Air Force One in Paris; in Brussels, climbing out of Limo One, aka Beast, the massive, $1.5 million […]

  • Clavell Jackson: Teabaggers Hate the Government, But Love Government Programs

    Nov 10, 14 by EurPublisher 8 Comments

    *I am still recovering from the midterm election results, but I hope two years of a Republican-run Congress will convince voters to get off their asses and put a Democrat in the White House. I often find it hard to take Republicans seriously, because so many of their arguments fall apart under close scrutiny. Republicans […]