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  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Discussing Race with White People

    May 12, 15 by riversteff 1 Comment

    *I was sitting in a hotel van on the way to the airport when two white people were discussing what had become known in the national news as #Baltimore Burning. The woman said, in essence, looters who steal from and destroy their own neighborhoods were criminals whose behaviors prove police are justified to use deadly […]

  • Black Man. Outside. High Crime Area = Severed Spine in Baltimore

    Apr 28, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant Leave a comment

    *We now know that Freddie Gray‘s apparent fatal spine injury was not the first  delivered at the hands of a  Baltimore Police Officer. Ten years earlier, 42-year-old Dondi Johnson was arrested for urinating in public and placed inside a police  van much like the van used to transport Freddie Gray. Dondi Johnson  subsequently suffered a […]

  • Things Are Looking Up for Blacks, Hispanics, but Still Trail Whites

    Mar 20, 15 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(Via BlackPressUSA) – Despite high-profile concern over issues underscored by the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, African Americans and Hispanics are faring well in certain areas, including better health care and reductions in violent crime, the latest State of Black America report from the National Urban League says. The National Urban League derives its numbers […]

  • Oklahoma Frat SAE Shut Down After Racist Chant Goes Viral (Watch)

    Mar 9, 15 by EURPublisher01 10 Comments

    *University of Oklahoma’s chapter of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon is no more. The school on Monday shut it down after members were caught chanting a racial slur and referencing lynching in a video that went viral. In the clip, which initially surfaced Sunday, members of SAE are seen on a bus chanting, “There will […]

  • Dr. Ron Hall: The Colorism Conversation … Still an Issue in the African-American Community

    Feb 24, 15 by Angela P. Moore-Thorpe 5 Comments

    “Light Girls,” the sequel to Bill Duke’s 2011 documentary “Dark Girls” has sparked ongoing conversation in the African-American community.  Both films examine “colorism,” or discrimination based on skin color, within communities of color. Dr. Ronald E. Hall, Ph.D., an internationally recognized commentator on the African-American experience and a Professor at the School of Social Work, Michigan […]

  • BlackandBlueNews: Retired Police Officers to Meet With DC Lawmakers

    Feb 24, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 6 Comments

    * A multi-cultural group of retired and former law enforcement officers will meet with Rep John Lewis in Washington, DC, next week, to further the discussion started by FBI Director James Comey in his speech on race relations between the police and the black community. This historic and unprecedented event will include retirees from police […]