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  • African American Sheriff Says Black Single Mothers Are the Cause of Brotha’s Police Issues

    Jan 29, 15 by Brainuser1 12 Comments

    *OK, either this sheriff is looking for some attention; has lost his mind or has dunked too many donuts in his coffee. He actually (and probably with a straight face) claims that when it comes to African American men being gunned down by the cops – its not the cops who you should blame, but […]

  • VIDEO: Screaming Match on ‘The View’ after Whoopi Says Racial Profiling isn’t Racist

    Dec 18, 14 by Cherie Saunders 18 Comments

    *Things got HEATED on “The View” this morning in perhaps the show’s biggest screaming match since Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s epic split screen showdown over politics. This time, the issue was race. The ladies were discussing People magazine’s new interview with the Obamas about their personal experience with racial profiling. Whoopi Goldberg was trying to argue […]

  • BlackandBlueNews: Florida Cop Bullies Harvard Grad

    Dec 18, 14 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 5 Comments

    *Over and over we are hearing complaints from the motoring public of instances when an errant police, seemingly drunk with power decides to exert his authority just because. As in the recent case of Hialeah Police Officer Harold Garzon who initiated a traffic stop for “loud music” upon hearing N.W.A. ‘s “F*ck Tha Police” coming […]

  • ‘Halt!’ Black Man Walking With Hands in Pockets Stopped By Cops (Watch)

    Dec 3, 14 by Brainuser1 7 Comments

    *A sheriff’s deputy stopped a black man walking down a Michigan street because he had his hands inside of his pockets. Obviously, this is a new rule – the whole “No walking with your hands in your pocket…if you’re black,” thing. The gentleman says he believes he was the victim of racial discrimination. But the local […]

  • BlackandBlueNews: What Happens When A White Woman ‘Interferes’ with Police?

    Oct 14, 14 by Cheryl Dorsey, retired LAPD sergeant & author Leave a comment

    *No use of force. No Taser. No arrest. As a retired veteran sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department, I have been a participant/observer in the “tale of two police departments.” That is, the way officers treat  affluent community members versus citizens who are less fortunate. And believe me, it’s no secret among the rank […]

  • Black&Blue News: Why White Cops ‘Fear’ Black Motorists

    Oct 9, 14 by Cheryl Dorsey, retired LAPD sergeant & author Leave a comment

    *There is a pandemic. The black motoring public needs to stop scaring white police officers. Incidents are being reported nationwide; white police officers say, “I was in fear for my safety”;  code talk for, “I need to justify the excessive/deadly force I just used.” As a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, responsible for investigating allegations of police […]