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  • 20 Injury-Prone NFL Veterans Who Will Crumble in 2013

    Sep 17, 13 by EurWebWriter Leave a comment

    *Professional football is a fast and violent sport that is not for the faint of heart nor the feeble of body. But, in the words of Boys II Men, it’s just so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. As is the case every year, there is an ever growing list of some of our favorite […]

  • CMC Author K’wan Interviewed by Ricardo A. Hazell (Video)

    Oct 19, 12 by EurWebWriter Leave a comment

    *When Baby Williams announced the then eminent launch of Cash Money Content there were more than a few industry eggheads that scoffed at the very idea of the man behind the careers of Juvenile, Drake and Lil’ Wayne having any success in the publishing industry. After all, these very same eggheads have the traditional publishing industry on […]

  • Sports Activism is Dead … Long Live Sports Activism

    Aug 20, 12 by EurWebWriter 1 Comment

    The 1968 Olympics were a watershed moment for the black protest movement United States. The image of the black glove-adorned fists of Tommie Smith and John Carlos thrust skyward on the medal stand in Mexico City has been seared into my mind’s eye since I was in the 4th grade. That is when Mr. DeBrady, […]

  • Kurtis Blow Discusses how LAX Weed Bust Affected His Ministry

    Feb 15, 11 by EurPublisher 6 Comments

    *The last time we left off with rap legend Kurtis Blow he was speaking to us about his involvement with the TV One special “Way Black When” and about his conversations with son Kurtis Blow, Jr. regarding his own budding rap career. We continue on with our discussion with Blow, as promised, and get down […]