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  • Jazzy Rita’s Message to All the Single Ladies

    Feb 14, 13 by LaRita Shelby Leave a comment

    *Two days ago while working at my associate’s office it hit me, I’ve got to tell my story on a larger platform and in so doing, I may indeed reveal some very personal aspects of my life. Valentine’s Day 2013 has met me with a heart full of joy!  This is not because I’ve been […]

  • The Heart of Mother Love

    Sep 15, 12 by LaRita Shelby Leave a comment

    *Television and radio personality Mother Love bas been a busy bundle of love and humanitarianism since she emerged as a national figure in 1998 when she hosted the TV show “Forgive or Forget.” Mother Love started out in Cleveland, Ohio but her effervescent personality and overt opinions could not be contained by just a local […]

  • Listen to Michelle Obama’s JazzyTribute Song by EUR’s Jazzy Rita Shelby

    Mar 6, 12 by LaRita Shelby 1 Comment

    *Los Angeles  – Wishing Well Studios and Will Daniels Music present the release of “Mr. President’s Girl,” the new single and tribute to the nation’s First Lady by Jazzy Rita Shelby. The catchy tune was penned by Miss Shelby and collaborator Willie Daniels, and officially launches during Women’s History Month. The song is produced by Michael Wells of Wishing Well […]