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  • Steven Ivory: Daniel is Done

    Apr 1, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *“My d*ck is going out on an extensive farewell tour.  After that,  we’re  calling it quits.” Daniel followed what  he said over chicken quesadillas one Saturday evening at El Cholo with a hardy laugh, perhaps to  dilute its boorishness.  He wasn’t  really serious about a season of male whoring.  Well, maybe a little. He seemed […]

  • Steven Ivory: Life Lessons in a “Gay” Town

    Mar 25, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *I was 19 in 1974, the year I first moved to West Hollywood.  Moved in with my first real girlfriend, into a charming gray, two-bedroom bungalow on Westmount  Drive. Everything in my life was new.  In Los Angeles but a  year, I spent most of it living with Aunt Jewel and Grandmother in predominantly Black […]

  • Steven Ivory: Where the Boys Are

    Mar 4, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *Early one Tuesday evening,   “Angie”  got off from her middle-management job  at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles, went home and  changed from a beige Ann Taylor business ensemble and heels  into  faded  jeans,  tan wedge sneakers  and a black  fitted  hoodie with a rainbow  NORTH FACE logo on the front. After scarfing down a […]

  • Steven Ivory: For the Unrequited Valentine called Self

    Feb 11, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *In honor of  Valentine’s Day 2014,  I wanted to offer some personal  insights  regarding the precious custodianship of that ever neglected lover,  your Self. These nuggets  weren’t  gleaned from books  or  self-help seminars.  Hard-fought and road-tested,  they are the result of being in the trenches, often doing the same things  over and over,  yet  expecting […]

  • Zoe Saldana Loves the Dudes! ‘I worship men. Men are Adonises’

    May 3, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 2 Comments

    *Zoe Saldana is sexy without a doubt. But would she still be appealing if she admitted she worships men? The actress covers the June issue of InStyle UK, where she divulges about love and romance, her adoration of men, and more. On the opposite sex: I worship men. Men are Adonises.’ On the type of […]

  • Shonda Rhimes’ Message to Single Ladies: ‘F*ck Valentine’s Day!’

    Feb 14, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 9 Comments

    *All the single ladies on Valentine’s Day, Shonda Rhimes says chill, it’s not that bad. A fan made the mistake and opened a can of whoop a** when she asked if the “Scandal” creator has any advice for single women moping on the commercial love day. “Here is what I say to all the ladies […]