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  • The Socialist’s Journal: Discipline and Abuse

    Jun 19, 12 by Trevor Brookins 1 Comment

    *Last week Creflo Dollar, leader of a popular televised Christian ministry, was arrested on charges of child abuse. Dollar allegedly choked his teenage daughter prompting her to call the police and assert that this was not the first incident of its kind. Dollar does deny attacking his daughter. But he is emblematic of a group […]

  • The Socialist’s Journal: Judge William Adams

    Nov 8, 11 by Trevor Brookins Leave a comment

    *I support physical punishment of children. But what we saw in the instance of local Texas judge William Adams, and his daughter Hillary, was over and beyond physical punishment. It was not only abuse, it was child abuse by someone paid to prevent actions just like it. Corporal punishment is a useful tool for disciplining […]

  • Ask Tamara – My Husband Disciplines Like a Drill Sergeant!

    May 10, 11 by tallen 2 Comments

    Dear Tamara: My husband and I have two different parenting styles. He is from a military family and grew up getting spankings, or as he often calls it “whoopins” I did not grow up getting spanked and think it is unnecessary to hit a child to get them to obey. We have had this argument […]

  • Man Gets Charged for Whipping Kids

    Apr 12, 11 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *A Roseville, Minnesota man who allegedly whipped his two children after they switched the TV from a Christian station has been charged with malicious punishment of a child. Stanley Chukwudi Ogbonna, 33, told police on Dec. 14 that he was angry because the children had lied about how the channel was changed. According to the […]