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  • T.D. Jakes Nips Alleged Stalker Drama in the Bud With Lawsuit

    Feb 20, 14 by Qwest7 11 Comments

    *A new lawsuit filed by Bishop T.D. Jakes has apparently slowed down an alleged stalker. The woman, whose name is Karleisha Tarver, is on the receiving end of a new lawsuit filed by the religious leader last month. In addition, a judge extended a restraining order against Tarver’s actions last Friday because the former Potter’s […]

  • Ashanti Talks Starting a Family – Plus, Her Stalker is Indicted Again

    Jul 30, 13 by PJ 1 Comment

    *Many women in their 30s are thinking about starting families and 32-year-old Singer Ashanti is no different. “I definitely want to get married and I definitely want to have kids. I want to have a lot of kids,” she recently told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. But she is not rushing into motherhood until she has built […]

  • Why is Someone Stalking Sheree Whitfield?!

    Mar 1, 13 by Brittney M. Walker 1 Comment

    *Surprisingly, someone is allegedly stalking Sheree Whitfield. She says popular blogger, TamaraTattles has been lurking in the bushes taking photos of her without permission. So the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has filed a petition for a protective order against the writer, whose real name is Tamara Kay Brawner. “In October 2011 the respondent […]

  • Terrell Owens in Stalker and Nuisance Mode Gets Visit from LAPD

    Feb 15, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Not a good look, Mr. T.O. According to TMZ, Friday morning around 4:30am LAPD had to be called because Terrell Owens wouldn’t leave a woman alone. The unidentified woman says he had been banging on her door for around 3 hours and she couldn’t take anymore so she called the cops on him. Geez, T.O., […]

  • Man Attempts to Evict Laurence Fishburne … from His Own Home!

    Jan 8, 13 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *Actor Laurence Fishburne had a more or less frightening experience when a man showed up at his house on New Year’s Day, demanding he move out of his house. According to TMZ, Anthony Francis allegedly told the actor that he was illegally dwelling in the house the man claimed to own. This guy is no […]

  • Keyshia Cole’s Stalker Has to Wait a Little Longer for Sentence

    Sep 14, 12 by Brittney M. Walker Leave a comment

    *Torey Webster, the alleged Keyshia Cole stalker, was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday after being found guilty of getting a little too close to the singer. But Judge Stephanie Manie postponed the hearing because Keyshia was unavailable and couldn’t give her statement. Webster doesn’t know when to quit and probably deserves to go to jail. […]