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  • Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Reviewed by Ricardo Hazell

    Aug 12, 12 by EurWebWriter Leave a comment

    *Spike Lee has been the preeminent director of films geared toward African American audiences for almost 30 years and we’ve come to expect a certain level of Lee’s signature craftsmanship ever since his very first big screen release, “She’s Gotta Have It.” His “40 Acres and a Mule” production company has rolled out over 35 films since […]

  • Spike Lee Reprises Mookie for ‘Red Hook Summer’

    Jan 3, 12 by EURpublisher02 Leave a comment

    *Spike Lee will reprise his role as Mookie from 1989’s “Do the Right Thing” in his next joint “Red Hook Summer,” which will premiere Jan. 22 at the Sundance Film Festival. The film depicts a diverse set of characters sweating out the summer in Brooklyn, according to a new synopsis released by the festival. One […]